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Degenerative Diseases from Chula Vista, California

The Europa Research Foundation, based in Chula Vista, California, offers treatment of degenerative diseases, such as Lyme disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In addition, the foundation is famed for its integrated cancer therapies.

Lyme Disease
Contracted from ticks an

d small animals, Lyme disease causes its sufferers to feel fatigue, and affects the immune system and renders its victims unable to fight other diseases Treatment at our clinic involves right medication, which would be determined based on the area of the body with the problem.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Consistently feeling tired beyond belief is the main symptom and problem with Chronic Fatigue System (CFS). If pH levels in the blood vary too much, that causes problems, so treatment includes providing endorphins to provide nutrition for the brain, and help sufferers to feel bright and alert.

In addition, patients need the proper types of medication to rebalance the body's biochemical balance, as well as counseling. There are many maladies that can occur with CFS, including cancer, as cancer cells are very acidic.

Research Doctor, Degenerative Diseases in Chula Vista, CA

Basic Body Tune-Up
Come to our clinic for a tune-up of your body. We begin with a microscope, to take samples and for lab tests of blood, then perform a general examination to determine what's needed, perhaps a modified diet, medication, or the need to stop smoking.

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such as Lyme disease and Chronic Fatigue System.

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